The Sky Brim design idea comes from the wild mountains and big-river country of the Pacific Northwest.  

A cap brim that just shields the eyes from the sun only while it is high in the sky did not make sense to us, especially when you’re half-way up a mountain or fishing a river early in the morning or late in the afternoon.  The Sky Brim, with its unique bent-brim design, is a better way to shield the eyes from dawn to dusk.  Obviously the sky isn’t  just “up above”, it’s also “out in front” – and in the Cascade Mountains, sleet can come down at a 45 degree angle in the middle of July while the sun is still glaring off a glacier.  The angled-brim offers an amazingly effective eye-shield that can make a noticeable difference when you need it, and keeps the hat stuck to your head as you boat down the Columbia due to the air foil effect.

Ch pass fog 

See the difference for yourself.